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The society is organize by each indiviual way of expressing through the values of each person with the  enviorment that is sourrranded to .Also it  is defined  by social issues that mark the differences between  the knowledge and way of thinking of each indiviual .Those  common characteristics  help to define social groups reflect on culture .In this case they share  common knowledge with different points of view.Most of the time they share values ,beliefs and purpose.


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Is easy to recongize a physichian by the way they act.They are very open minded persons and with a big heart .For this reason it is a unique work  and not everyone is qualify to do it .The  expectation of a physichian is to be humble , with moral values  and to have patience with their paitients.They should   also ignore social issues at the moment of treating others. This means that without distinction, regardless of their social position and wealth ,they have to treat the patient the same way.

They dress ,talk and write on a different way .Those are characteristics that help them  identify their culture .This is reflect on their way of thinking.Most of them  use complex  vocabulary that other groups are unable to distinguish and wear lighter colors .They  see life from other perspective,In this job they can learn more about the importance of life and the satisfaction of making their life happier and easier.The way they write specially express themselfs.Most have hard words to read . The Physician work consider, treat, or represent traditionally marginalized populations story address societal issues, such as race, gender, and class.


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 Even if they come from the different culture, races and places, they all are united by their knowledge. Is is based on how to help other peoples life. Most of them are Catholic or belong to a religion because they have most of all hope and faith. They belong to high social class or middle class in order to accomplish this carrier is necessary to have at least the necessary resources to pay the carrier. This affect the way of living . the ways in which race, religion, class, gender, sexual orientation, cultural beliefs, and customs combine to form individual identity shape our perceptions of ourselves  and of thw world view















Top 3 Poems



1.The first poem is  my favorite poem  becuase I believe it really capture reader  attention and is the most creative one .Also has good use of language  and  has an interesting topic .It is  about a single flower. This flower has the power to end to whatever touches it. The reason why it is called the electric flower .It so dangerous that has the power to kill humans beign with just the smell.For this reason in many parts of this poem is mentioned the word dangerous at poem .The main purpose of this poem is to  convey the reader that   he or she should not trust anything because the most innocent and beautiful as a flower something can be ,it  can become the worst nightmare as well.So much so that can take your  life.

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-The heavy flower

danger danger danger

Unauthorize electrical air

danger danger danger

disc station.-



2   The second poem is about a woman who was in Africa with her husband or an unknown man on vacation. But on this journey she found  a leopard. This was something unexpected for her .She fear so much for this animal attacks that she thinks she was dreaming . But apparently it is not a dream  .She is so confuse with herself ,so she decided to whisper at the man that accompained her.But after a while she realize she was totally alone .Her reaction ,was to  try to hide under the blankets ;with the main purpose to distract the leopard.But  the end she lost the last thing a human beign can lost, hope .This poem really reflects now a days society a reason for why it is my favorite poem .It reflects a society in which not all the people fight for their rights and prefer to stay quiet ,a society in which is always better to pretend something you are not and a society that is full of indiviualism .Those are the main causes that make people lost faith and hope .I also select this poem  thanks to the powerful and significant words.

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2.-I whisper,

At him ,I whisper ,

The mixture of wind and agony ,

I was anxious.

It was a leopard ,

I was dreaming, feeling the blankets .

Africa was my end.-

3.This poem is about an individual who is astonished for the first time to see what surrounds him. In this situation it is clear that he is surprised by the sensation that it causes him to be at the beach. And what impresses him most is the sensation of the Sand and the sun on his skin. After what happened, he is astonished at the importance of every drop of water in the sea, reason why he compares it with  human tears.Indeed is about someone that is admiring the beach sensations and what it produces to his or her soul.I decided to select this poem as the top 3 due to the profound message that leaves to the reader  and becuase of it strucutre.The main purpose is to show the importance of water and sun in our lifes and the importance of having more adventures on life

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-The bright yellow shining rays of the sun heading the sand made my skin surface feel as if it was an ice cream itself .

And the thousands of tears found in front of me makes me realize the importance of the tropical vibes .-



To be a good writer you need strategies that allow  your quality  of your work look better to the reader  . These can be very useful for all writers .But especially for those people who were not born with this gift. The next  strategies are based on tips that are easy and fast to apply at any writing .To begin if you want learn how to be a good reader you neeed to be a good writer .Because “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” ― Stephen King.




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To start a good writing it is necessary to think very good your ideas  and then  write them when you feel sure . This can help you to have your  ideas  in a more organized way and will help the reader to understand  better your writing. Secondly you must think on the kind of audience you are going to write to .Otherwise they will not pay attention to your ideas. Then  try to be more openminded person  .Becuase “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ― Albert Einstein.Any writing is even better when you avoid pretending to be someone you are not .Becuase it is an   opporunity  you have to express yourself .

After developing the ideas mention before you would be able to recognize  as a reader the difference between a good or a  bad writing .Becuase at the moment of writing about any subject you could think about  it as a total professional. It is easy to identify how bad or good something could be .Is as simple as this .If you begin to read an article and you find that such a profound subject that you never want to stop reading , it means is a good writing .But if you start reading something with the idea that you have and not becuase you want to ,the writer is on the wrong way.


You can also differentate a good writing from a bad one  by the way you get the writer ideas or message and by the way you get connected to.When the writer  is a good one takes his or her  job more as a hobby than a  profession. And you can identify it by the way you like the text .A text quithout grammar mistakes , with good use of punctutation  , with sense and with an organize structure are the best ones.

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Healthier life=Longer life


The society now a days focus more on other aspects than on  being healthy.They prefer to make assignments at work or at school instead of giving priority to foodFood is essential for humans to survive so if someone  have eaten disorders  his/her orgsnism would  organism would begin to function  in a different way.Also is contradictory, how people think that instead of going faster on what they are doing they actually are not.The reality is that theyare just losing time. Because they began to think slower, to fall asleep or even they could faint.


Another important aspect to work faster and to feel better is to have good eating habits. There are many rumors that said that  if someone want to lose weight is necessary to stop eating,; but don’t believe it is totally a bad idea.. Because you would probably eat more.To prevent obessity  it is important to have a good breakfast.According to scientific research you would  be more proactive during the day.


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So if you want to begin a healthier life , you should start as soon as possible. In  first place if you want to eat t you are allowed to but with the only condition is that it needs to be in a small quantity.Then make sure you eat whole grains, veggies, fruit and seeds each day. An other tip is to remember that you have to forget the calories counting method, this would allow you to eat in a better way and healthier .


Even better, make your own recipes with healthy ingredients. Most of the people thing that the bad tasty food is the healthiest one , but that can totally change.You can create various kinds of healthy desserts.For example Pumpkin protein cookies, whichare sugar free and have extra protein.Also, you can make raw brownies with carob powder instead of cocoa.Or an easy blueberry lemon parfait that is full of yogurt.


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Making little changes in your lifestyle will help you live longer.If you want to live longer you just not have to eat healthy  food  , you have to stop drinking, stop smoking and to begin to make excersise.With this simple tip you could prevent been 12 years  looking older . This  has many positive aspects .For example this  habits would help your skin look better, your blood pressure drops back to normality, your sense of test  and smell will improve.



“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you”. -Joyce Meyer.

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