Healthier life=Longer life


The society now a days focus more on other aspects than on  being healthy.They prefer to make assignments at work or at school instead of giving priority to foodFood is essential for humans to survive so if someone  have eaten disorders  his/her orgsnism would  organism would begin to function  in a different way.Also is contradictory, how people think that instead of going faster on what they are doing they actually are not.The reality is that theyare just losing time. Because they began to think slower, to fall asleep or even they could faint.


Another important aspect to work faster and to feel better is to have good eating habits. There are many rumors that said that  if someone want to lose weight is necessary to stop eating,; but don’t believe it is totally a bad idea.. Because you would probably eat more.To prevent obessity  it is important to have a good breakfast.According to scientific research you would  be more proactive during the day.


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So if you want to begin a healthier life , you should start as soon as possible. In  first place if you want to eat t you are allowed to but with the only condition is that it needs to be in a small quantity.Then make sure you eat whole grains, veggies, fruit and seeds each day. An other tip is to remember that you have to forget the calories counting method, this would allow you to eat in a better way and healthier .


Even better, make your own recipes with healthy ingredients. Most of the people thing that the bad tasty food is the healthiest one , but that can totally change.You can create various kinds of healthy desserts.For example Pumpkin protein cookies, whichare sugar free and have extra protein.Also, you can make raw brownies with carob powder instead of cocoa.Or an easy blueberry lemon parfait that is full of yogurt.


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Making little changes in your lifestyle will help you live longer.If you want to live longer you just not have to eat healthy  food  , you have to stop drinking, stop smoking and to begin to make excersise.With this simple tip you could prevent been 12 years  looking older . This  has many positive aspects .For example this  habits would help your skin look better, your blood pressure drops back to normality, your sense of test  and smell will improve.



“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you”. -Joyce Meyer.

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