Top 3 Poems



1.The first poem is  my favorite poem  becuase I believe it really capture reader  attention and is the most creative one .Also has good use of language  and  has an interesting topic .It is  about a single flower. This flower has the power to end to whatever touches it. The reason why it is called the electric flower .It so dangerous that has the power to kill humans beign with just the smell.For this reason in many parts of this poem is mentioned the word dangerous at poem .The main purpose of this poem is to  convey the reader that   he or she should not trust anything because the most innocent and beautiful as a flower something can be ,it  can become the worst nightmare as well.So much so that can take your  life.

click here to link-Dangerous flower


-The heavy flower

danger danger danger

Unauthorize electrical air

danger danger danger

disc station.-



2   The second poem is about a woman who was in Africa with her husband or an unknown man on vacation. But on this journey she found  a leopard. This was something unexpected for her .She fear so much for this animal attacks that she thinks she was dreaming . But apparently it is not a dream  .She is so confuse with herself ,so she decided to whisper at the man that accompained her.But after a while she realize she was totally alone .Her reaction ,was to  try to hide under the blankets ;with the main purpose to distract the leopard.But  the end she lost the last thing a human beign can lost, hope .This poem really reflects now a days society a reason for why it is my favorite poem .It reflects a society in which not all the people fight for their rights and prefer to stay quiet ,a society in which is always better to pretend something you are not and a society that is full of indiviualism .Those are the main causes that make people lost faith and hope .I also select this poem  thanks to the powerful and significant words.

click here to link -dream vs reality


2.-I whisper,

At him ,I whisper ,

The mixture of wind and agony ,

I was anxious.

It was a leopard ,

I was dreaming, feeling the blankets .

Africa was my end.-

3.This poem is about an individual who is astonished for the first time to see what surrounds him. In this situation it is clear that he is surprised by the sensation that it causes him to be at the beach. And what impresses him most is the sensation of the Sand and the sun on his skin. After what happened, he is astonished at the importance of every drop of water in the sea, reason why he compares it with  human tears.Indeed is about someone that is admiring the beach sensations and what it produces to his or her soul.I decided to select this poem as the top 3 due to the profound message that leaves to the reader  and becuase of it strucutre.The main purpose is to show the importance of water and sun in our lifes and the importance of having more adventures on life

click here to link -Tears over the sea


-The bright yellow shining rays of the sun heading the sand made my skin surface feel as if it was an ice cream itself .

And the thousands of tears found in front of me makes me realize the importance of the tropical vibes .-



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