The society is organize by each indiviual way of expressing through the values of each person with the  enviorment that is sourrranded to .Also it  is defined  by social issues that mark the differences between  the knowledge and way of thinking of each indiviual .Those  common characteristics  help to define social groups reflect on culture .In this case they share  common knowledge with different points of view.Most of the time they share values ,beliefs and purpose.


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Is easy to recongize a physichian by the way they act.They are very open minded persons and with a big heart .For this reason it is a unique work  and not everyone is qualify to do it .The  expectation of a physichian is to be humble , with moral values  and to have patience with their paitients.They should   also ignore social issues at the moment of treating others. This means that without distinction, regardless of their social position and wealth ,they have to treat the patient the same way.

They dress ,talk and write on a different way .Those are characteristics that help them  identify their culture .This is reflect on their way of thinking.Most of them  use complex  vocabulary that other groups are unable to distinguish and wear lighter colors .They  see life from other perspective,In this job they can learn more about the importance of life and the satisfaction of making their life happier and easier.The way they write specially express themselfs.Most have hard words to read . The Physician work consider, treat, or represent traditionally marginalized populations story address societal issues, such as race, gender, and class.


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 Even if they come from the different culture, races and places, they all are united by their knowledge. Is is based on how to help other peoples life. Most of them are Catholic or belong to a religion because they have most of all hope and faith. They belong to high social class or middle class in order to accomplish this carrier is necessary to have at least the necessary resources to pay the carrier. This affect the way of living . the ways in which race, religion, class, gender, sexual orientation, cultural beliefs, and customs combine to form individual identity shape our perceptions of ourselves  and of thw world view
















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